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Apr 16, 2014

If I add your name to my Office Word dictionary, that’s a big deal. You’d better appreciate me going through all that trouble for you.

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Oh, these pictures? Yeah, it’s from when tyleroakley was in MY COUNTRY. Someone make this happen again.


You’re more than welcome to come back!

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Some quick rules!

  • It’s only for my followers (as a thank you gift!)
  • Both likes and reblogs count
  • Have your askbox open and reply within 3 days time
  • There’ll be two winners at least (the exact amount will depend on my free time)
  • The winner can request a single sketch illustration (please, describe me a scene you want me to draw) either with background (up to two characters [but preferably one ;v;] with a simple design) or without (up to two characters, may have a complex designs, in an art style of winner’s choice).
  • (for better, non-sketchy artworks you may check my commission info)
  • Dedline: 21st of April (in exactly 2 weeks!)
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fucking rich white people laughing at how poverty is some diet they should try

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I’m laying the final hand on my assignment film, now I will start making my big graduaton project. These are the first sketches for the costumes for Mother Earth.

I will use these costumes (and the actress inside them) as backgrounds for my animation. Which will be about man trying to find his role in the world.

First concept art for my graduation film

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No it isn’t, we grew up with cartoon that had actual ugly people. Why isn’t Helga alowed to keep her monobrow, why are there only two body types for guys and one for girls.


Why is this so perfect!
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Why is this so perfect!

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It’s official: we’re currently working on new films featuring your favorite characters from The Incredibles and Cars.

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bUT MaMRiE whAT are YoU DoiNG? (x)

being perfect

But why isn’t she wearing her b/w plaid shirt?

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